What do you need more of to thrive?

I help mission-driven individuals, teams and organizations get the clarity they need to make better decisions that lead to greater success.

Whether you want to revitalize your career, reinvigorate your life, or grow your business, I can help you drop the struggle and get the clarity you need to make wise decisions that support and sustain the change you seek.

Using proven framework customized to meet your needs, I’ll help you rediscover you at your best and lay the groundwork to embark on your Positive Navigation toward the life and work you seek.

Positive Navigation

Positive Navigation is an approach to transformation that’s based on two premises - first, that life is a series of journeys and, second, the best way to be well, do good, and enjoy the ride is to cultivate sustainable well-being without burning energy pretending away life’s inevitable challenges.

Positive Navigation uses evidence-based strategies to cultivate sustainable resilience that supports navigating your right life with ease and joy in an ever more chaotic world.

Evidence-Based, Customized, Confidential

Through deep listening, powerful questions, and a proven framework that's always customized to meet your specific needs, I'll help you:

  • fully own and leverage your strengths, values, skills, and priorities,
  • make wise decisions that support effective action toward your goals,
  • grow competence and courage to navigate challenges amid rapid change and complexity and
  • continue to grow and develop even after we finish working together.

Learn how I can help you embark on your own Positive Navigation and get the clarity you need to make wise decisions that support the transformation you seek.

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Popular culture tells us that midlife crisis is inevitable.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Navigate Your Next is a powerful, small-group coaching program for professional women ready for the kind of clarity that leads to smart decisions and more success, on your terms.

When your desire to get unstuck in exceeds your fear of change,

Because your friends and family mean well, but they can’t be as objective or helpful as a professional coach, and

When you know that staying suck is zapping your energy, but you feel like you don’t have the focus or time to figure this out on your own.

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