Success, Failure, and Serendipity

sugar maple trees with metal buckets

It’s the start of the first full work week of the new year, the time when, ready or not, here we go. Time to start putting those intentions, strategies, and plans for the new year into action. When we look back on 2020, surely we’ll each celebrate success in some areas, while in others, maybe […]

Follow the First Track

animal tracks in the snow

Let’s say you fell asleep on September 2nd and when you woke up the next morning, discovered it was September 14th. How would your addled brain make sense of this revelation? The aftermath of a particularly wild party? Spontaneous recovery from a 12-day coma? TARDIS-like time travel? It really happened. Nighty-night on September 2nd followed […]

Get More Done With Less Stress and More Joy

Imagine being able to accomplish more of the things that matter with more ease and a lot less stress. Sound impossible? It’s possible alright, and with the right approach, it’s easier and more joyful than you probably think. It’s cliche to say we’re over-scheduled, overworked, and overwhelmed, but in a culture that glorifies busy the […]

Gift Something of Yourself

sweetgrass baskets

There’s usually at least one library book in my house. Some, say, every Lisa Scottoline thriller ever, I devour in a single sitting. Others, nonfiction on the should-read list, gather dust until an overdue notice pings on my phone. I’m thrilled to be savoring my current library book, Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. After waves […]

A Glimmer of Gratitude When Thankfulness Feels Hard

heart shaped hole in a pane of glass

Supermarkets are packed, a turkey has been ceremonially pardoned, and holiday travel is at its peak. My inbox is full of “Happy Thanksgiving, we’re so grateful for you” emails from organizations I haven’t heard from in ages. Social media feeds hum with photos of happy, perfect-looking families with quotes urging us toward gratitude and thanks. […]

Sweep Away Time Confetti to Navigate Overwhelm

laptop and confetti

You started the week with big intentions. Monday morning: detailed, prioritized task list and updated, color-coded calendar. All week: long hours at work, extra work at home. Friday afternoon: you’re exhausted from managing endless urgent-feeling tasks, your to-do list has grown exponentially, and you’re hard pressed to describe a single important project that’s complete. You’re […]

Getting Real in the World of Virtual Work

Online conference rooms, coworkers’ voices through earbuds and faces an array of tiny squares on a screen. Texts. Robocalls. Social media. Online shopping. Talking digital assistants. So. Much. Email. Remote, dispersed, digital, non-co-located, virtual. Whatever you call it, virtual work affects your work and your life, and is so pervasive that it’s easy to forget […]

Seeking a Career Change? Navigate the Leap Between Ready and Not Ready

Maybe it was the meeting where your idea got shot down until someone else repeated it and passed it off as theirs. Maybe you’re anxious about impending layoffs. Maybe it’s something outside of work. Whatever it is, it’s got you thinking you’re ready for a new job or career. Except you’re not ready. You might […]

Beat the Back to Work Blues

office cubicles

My friends who live at the shore year-round are celebrating the start of Locals’ Summer today, when the tourists are mostly gone and the weather is mostly fabulous, at least until a hurricane sneaks up the coast. If you’re not celebrating the first day back to work after a long weekend or vacation, you’re in […]

The Power of Why

graphic image of a black question mark on a yellow background

I created a project a few months ago. I was so excited about it, but only shared it in a half-hearted way, at best. One person – one stinkin’ person – responded. I became frustrated, angry, sad, scared, mired in self-disparaging perfectionism to the point that I pulled the offer and tried to forget about […]