Shift, Seek and Savor to Boost the Joy this Holiday Season

shift, seek, savor

It doesn’t matter how, or even whether, you celebrate. The frenetic energy of the holiday season is palpable. Quick, name another month when you cram so much into your already busy schedule. Even if you avoid most of the frenzy, you’re probably surrounded by people who take busy to new levels of crazy all December […]

A Plan to Make the Most Awesome Plan Ever

It’s only the first week of December, but I’m already feeling anxious that I haven’t finished my Make 2014 the Most Awesome Year Ever Plan. In truth, it’s barely started, which has me mildly freaked out, since it seems everyone I know finished theirs while I was still stuffing my face with Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s […]

The Wisdom of Feedback

Now that you’re a coach . . . I heard it the first time within hours of signing up for coach training. You’re a coach, so . . . Since you’re a coach you should . . . . . It took me a while to stop being annoyed and thinking the implication was always, […]

How to Slay the Dragon, Even When You Want to Quit

I was ready to quit yesterday. Halfway through month five of a 6-month project. Not the project itself, but the thing the project is supposed to lead me toward. Like I was at mile 20 of a 26.2-mile marathon, ready to quit running the morning after the race. Right on Schedule Joseph Campbell writes about […]

Calm Amid the Busy

solo beach goer calm amid the busy

I was shocked when I heard my friend’s plans for the afternoon. I’m going to the beach. It didn’t matter that it was a glorious day or that she lives three blocks from the ocean. I was speechless, even as the voice inside my head shouted: Has she LOST HER MIND? Tomorrow’s the first day […]

What are You Working For?

what are we fighting for

Clicking share on social media helped me figure out what I’m working for. Since you have to work, too, or at least do something with your time, here’s how to figure out what you’re working for, too. What’s Worth Fighting For? I wanted to believe that Winston Churchill asked, “then what are we fighting for,” […]

How Do You Show Up, Let Go and Make Art – For Good?

Honoring my intention that shipped trumps perfect, I put the post I wrote yesterday in today’s queue. Before tackling my newsletter, though, I dropped by Facebook, just for a minute. It was my best detour in ages. When Sarah Horn went to the Hollywood Bowl the other night, she had no clue she’d end up […]

Facing the Fall

ease the transition to fall

The college kids are back on campus, most of the tourists are retired couples and parents with preschoolers, and the locals are wild with anticipation of taking back their town. I’m surrounded by signs that summer’s ending. I used to spend the last week of August in mourning, but after trying out a few strategies […]