Move One Thing to Begin to Find Clarity

image of single brown wooden chair with white background

I moved a single chair out of my kitchen over the weekend. I put it there to be a convenient perch for my handbag. It quickly became a clutter magnet. Basket of hats, tote bags, my coat. Too laden with stuff to move easily, it soon became a dust bunny magnet, too. It also attracted […]

Ask Better Questions, Get More of What You Want

I have a favorite five word phrase. Want to know what it is? That’s a really good question. No, really. That’s the phrase. I love it when a client says, “that’s a really good question.” Not for my ego. For their growth. When I ask powerful questions and hold space for a client to find […]

We Find What We Seek

I am certain that we find what we seek. No, I’m not going full-on Law of Attraction here. I’ll never fully abandon left-brained critical thinking or Philly girl skepticism. And yet … I’ve experienced too much, well, magic, to discount my certainty that we find what we seek. Even if I’m wrong, that’s fine with me. […]

It’s Time to Expand the Golden Rule

Do unto others . . . You know the rest. . . . as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule has been around throughout history and across cultures, and I wholeheartedly agree that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. What what about us? Shouldn’t we treat […]

How This Late Boomer Helps Late Millennials Navigate Career Success

old televisions speakers and videotapes

You’ve walked around 24/7 with a pocket full of wizardry – the entire internet on your phone – practically since you could walk. Why would your hire someone your parents’ age (or older) to help you launch your career? How can someone who grew up with phones attached to a wall, black and white TV, […]

When Clutter Sparks Joy

Like the most of the folks I’m connected with on social media, I’m peppering my posts with Kondoisms these days. Didn’t read the book. Still, I Kondoized my Facebook connections in late 2016, exactly when most of the news stopped sparking even the tiniest bit of joy. Did watch the Netflix series, including one episode during a […]

The Gift of Clarity

I just made a decision. I said “no” to doing something I love that would have helped someone whom I respect. Without hemming or hawing. Without agonizing over pros and cons or what if’s.  Without making excuses and without feeling guilty. Within seconds, I responded to a request with a clear “no.” This is HUGE […]

Thank for Little, Thank for Much

begin with thanks gratitude practice

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.  Estonian proverb According to a review of the role of gratitude in cultivating well-being published in Clinical Psychology Review, practicing gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, promote happiness and well-being, and spur acts of helpfulness, generosity, and cooperation. Think of a way […]

Navigate Holiday Overwhelm by Boosting Your Immunity

It’s t-minus two weeks until the big day, which means, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the pace of most of our already hectic lives is approaching warp speed. Schedules packed, to-do lists long and growing, rest and patience harder to come by than daylight during your evening commute. Good news: you can still boost […]

Lay the Groundwork for Future Growth

I took a walk in the neighborhood where I grew up last weekend. You’d think I’d walk there more often, since it’s right next to where I live now, but it had been years since I toured the old stomping grounds. I was struck by how much smaller everything seemed. Except for the hills. I […]