Get More Done With Less Stress and More Joy

Imagine being able to accomplish more of the things that matter with more ease and a lot less stress. Sound impossible? It’s possible alright, and with the right approach, it’s easier and more joyful than you probably think. It’s cliche to say we’re over-scheduled, overworked, and overwhelmed, but in a culture that glorifies busy the […]

Color Your Way Toward Your Big Goals

Whether your big goals for the still-new year are about completely transforming your career, life or business, or your intentions are more about continued progress on a path you’re already on, chances are you haven’t achieved all of them yet. If you have, it’s time to either to start sharing your goal-crushing secrets with the […]

Make Like a Turtle to Crush Your Goals

Happy New Year. Sure, it’s not January first, but since so many of us go back to our regular schedules today, the whole new year thing feels more real than over the weekend. You remember, back when we could lounge around  in our PJs and the only item on our to-do list was to watch […]

Forget the Six: Three Steps to Getting Stuff Done with Delight

I know, I know. Last time it was Six Steps to Achieve Your Goals. With capital letters,  a deep, important-sounding voice, and tedious commentary. I meant well, really. Nothing I wrote was wrong, exactly. It just wasn’t much fun. Not fun to write. Probably not fun to read, assuming you even slogged through it. Not […]

Six Steps to Achieveing Your Goals

falls leaves and deer tracks

Sunrise: 6:52 a.m. Sunset: 6:52 p.m. Summer is over. So. Totally. Over. Darkness soon rules and my cheesey equinox joke – happy nine months ‘til summer – brings no comfort. Even so, I have this urge to start something new. Set a few goals. Overhaul my life. Parts of it, anyway. I decided yesterday that […]