Well-Being: A Revolutionary Paradigm

If I could manifest the perfect beach day, it would look like last Saturday here in the little trailer park in the pine woods “down the shore.” Low eighties. Light sea breeze. Sun bright. Clouds puffy. Humidity low. Instead of spending it sunbathing, I got hot, sweaty and dirty erasing three seasons’ worth of neglect […]

Navigating Change and Maintaining Balance

You know that old expression about waiting for the other shoe to drop? I haven’t had much wait time lately. It’s like I feel compelled to look toward the sky in search of the next cargo plane from Zappo’s ready to drop cartons of footwear on my head. Good thing I’ve got mad coaching skills and […]

After Harvest, Release and Reveal

For all the whining I did about the end of summer, this autumn shifted from tolerable to delightful way sooner than I expected. It’s still almost a week until the “fall behind” nonsense, when the increase in darkness shifts from feeling subtle to enormous, but so far, so good. More than good. Great. I discovered […]

How to Harvest the Good Stuff

apples on the tree

Every week or so, I drive ten miles to my favorite produce market. It’s not that I live in a food desert or love to spend time behind the wheel. I could easily walk to two supermarkets and, after commuting over 200 miles a week for way too long, I definitely don’t look for excuses to […]

Creating Balance That’s Right for You


The equinox is over. The time when the earth and sun align so that daylight and darkness are in balance is done. Gone for six months. It didn’t even happen the way most of us think, since our perception of sunrise and sunset each day is different from the way scientists define it. Which means […]