Better It Better with Signature Strengths

One of the most reliable ways I know to boost your ability to be well, do good and enjoy the ride is to amp up a coaching tool called “bag it, barter it, or better it” by mixing it with your VIA signature strengths. When you’re facing a task or situation that drains your energy, […]

How Coaching Beats Winning the Lottery

coaching beats winning the lottery

I’ll never know whether the driver of the coupe was texting, fleeing the scene of a crime, high, or just more desperate to get to Jersey than a shore-bound tourist on a Friday night in July. Or how darting across two lanes of traffic before stopping halfway between a lane on I-95 – my lane […]

Applying Your Strengths Can Make Work Feel Like a Day at the Beach

It sounded like such a great idea back when spring was still weeks away. Lead a nature class on the beach? Cool. A perfect kickstart to the summer season. For a hundred or so sixth graders? Awesome. Teaching + the beach = two of my favorite things. I even adore middle school kids. Seriously. As the class […]

The Wisdom of Feedback

Now that you’re a coach . . . I heard it the first time within hours of signing up for coach training. You’re a coach, so . . . Since you’re a coach you should . . . . . It took me a while to stop being annoyed and thinking the implication was always, […]

What are You Working For?

what are we fighting for

Clicking share on social media helped me figure out what I’m working for. Since you have to work, too, or at least do something with your time, here’s how to figure out what you’re working for, too. What’s Worth Fighting For? I wanted to believe that Winston Churchill asked, “then what are we fighting for,” […]

Values & Well-Being with a Slice of Americana

Three generations, decked out in red, white and blue, lawn chairs at the curb in the same spot since the flag only had 48 stars. The parade’s been the same since the grandparents were newlyweds, the parents were toddlers and the kids scrambling for candy tossed from the floats weren’t yet a twinkle in anyone’s […]

The Simple Path to Strengths-Based Well-Being: Do a Kindness

I was lost in the weekly after church dilemma – oatmeal raisin or white chocolate cranberry – when he sidled up beside me, linked his arm in mine and got so close, well, let’s just say we have different ideas about personal space. “Did you hear about the little girl who sang for the Pope […]

The Franklin Effect: Ask for Help, Build a Relationship

He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged. The story behind that line from his autobiography rekindled my lifelong fascination with Benjamin Franklin. Like so many who grew up in the Philadelphia area, the big field trip during elementary school […]

From 24-Carats to Five Stars: Your VIA Signature Strengths

star blossom

How are you using those VIA Character Strengths you uncovered after you read last week’s post? Let me guess: you glanced at it, thought it was kind of interesting, and then filed it in the “I really should get back to this someday” part of your brain? I so get that. If there were a […]