The Gift of Clarity

I just made a decision. I said “no” to doing something I love that would have helped someone whom I respect. Without hemming or hawing. Without agonizing over pros and cons or what if’s.  Without making excuses and without feeling guilty. Within seconds, I responded to a request with a clear “no.” This is HUGE […]

Lay the Groundwork for Future Growth

I took a walk in the neighborhood where I grew up last weekend. You’d think I’d walk there more often, since it’s right next to where I live now, but it had been years since I toured the old stomping grounds. I was struck by how much smaller everything seemed. Except for the hills. I […]

Short-Term Coaching for Big-Time Impact

Is short-term coaching effective? It depends. Maybe you’re ready to invest in short-term coaching to help you figure out what’s next, craft a plan to make it happen, and/or navigate your journey, and of course, you want your efforts and investment to be effective. Call me biased, but my own and my clients’ experience shows […]