When to Hire a Professional

Let’s say you’re about to make a major presentation at work. The room is packed. Attendees have traveled from far and near to be there. Your boss is seated so close, with one her closest confidantes at her side, you could easily reach out and touch them.  The moment you inhale to begin, the boss’ […]

Better Decisions. More Success.

Choose wisely. Make up your mind. Make a good decision. Easier said than done. Because there are so many options. Which sometimes makes it feel like there aren’t any. Besides, who has time to research all, or even a few of those options, to the point that a decision feels good? When every single decision has […]

Navigate the Cone of Uncertainty with Agility and Ease

There was no pre-dawn excursion to watch the sun rise over the ocean this Labor Day. No drive past the middle school on Tuesday to rejoice that my work schedule isn’t set by the school board. No walk on the beach to mark the first day of Locals’ Summer. Thanks, Cone of Uncertainty.  I’m a […]

A Plan to Make the Most Awesome Plan Ever

It’s only the first week of December, but I’m already feeling anxious that I haven’t finished my Make 2014 the Most Awesome Year Ever Plan. In truth, it’s barely started, which has me mildly freaked out, since it seems everyone I know finished theirs while I was still stuffing my face with Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s […]

Feeling Stuck? Know What You Want to Bring Along to Get Moving

Sometimes getting clear about what you absolutely want to keep can help you let go of the things you need to release that will help you move forward. Imagine a burned-out teacher. He knows it’s time to retire, but the thought of filling out the paperwork to make it real leaves feeling overwhelmed. Once he […]

A Simple Prescription for Decision Overload

I pride myself on the ninja-like way I shop for groceries: get in, get my stuff and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible. It works great, except during the summer, when I live and work in a resort town. By July, the town’s population will increase tenfold, but the grocery store will remain […]

How Do You Make Up Your Mind?

I saw the movie Jungle Book the summer I was six, on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. I think I was six, anyway, since that’s how old I was when it was released. At any rate, I’m positive that, in the scene where the vultures are sitting in the tree, unable to make a […]