A Glimmer of Gratitude When Thankfulness Feels Hard

heart shaped hole in a pane of glass

Supermarkets are packed, a turkey has been ceremonially pardoned, and holiday travel is at its peak. My inbox is full of “Happy Thanksgiving, we’re so grateful for you” emails from organizations I haven’t heard from in ages. Social media feeds hum with photos of happy, perfect-looking families with quotes urging us toward gratitude and thanks. […]

Thank for Little, Thank for Much

begin with thanks gratitude practice

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.  Estonian proverb According to a review of the role of gratitude in cultivating well-being published in Clinical Psychology Review, practicing gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, promote happiness and well-being, and spur acts of helpfulness, generosity, and cooperation. Think of a way […]

Remains of the List

My mailing list, that oft-considered holy grail of people who do at least part of their business online – so, basically, just about every business – on this first day in the GDPR universe, has a whopping 25 subscribers. One of which is me, thanks to mild OCD that makes me distrust that the emails […]

Can a Grateful Heart Save Your Life?

Can keeping a gratitude journal prevent you from having a heart attack? Several researchers have discovered a connection between gratitude and heart health and are digging deeper to discern the how and the how much. A significant body of research reveals a link between gratitude and physical health – think connection, not causation. Grateful people, […]

Do You Know More About Gratitude at Work Than a Fifth Grader?

gratitude at work classroom musical instruments

I learned about the power of gratitude at work from a bunch of ten-year-olds. A strange thing happened at the beginning of what became my final year teaching middle school music. The new fifth graders thanked me. After every class. Sincerely and authentically. Thank you for teaching us. Thanks for a fun class. Thank you. […]

Begin with Thanks

begin with thanks gratitude practice

When I was a brand new coach, one of the first things I did was a lead group coaching course on gratitude. Two people signed up. I was thrilled. I taught and coached. They showed up fully and shared with courage and compassion. We learned. We grew. We supported one another in community. We connected […]

Notice the Good

Gratitude is hard to come by sometimes. I mean, there’s plenty to be mad, sad, and afraid of these days. There always has been, of course, and likely always will be. Lately, though, events and actions that create emotions we think of as negative have seem to be coming more fast and furious than the […]

The Power of Choice

Imagine waking up on the first of the month raring to go. It’s a Monday, so the possibilities shine even more brightly. Month-end review in the can, intentions set, color-coded calendar pages beautifully arranged on the office wall right next to that shiny new vision board. You’ve set an intention – made a choice – to […]

How Coaching Beats Winning the Lottery

coaching beats winning the lottery

I’ll never know whether the driver of the coupe was texting, fleeing the scene of a crime, high, or just more desperate to get to Jersey than a shore-bound tourist on a Friday night in July. Or how darting across two lanes of traffic before stopping halfway between a lane on I-95 – my lane […]

Drainers & Energizers: How to Be Contagious for Good

Sailing Mom It was the kind of August afternoon I dreamed about all winter. Dazzling sky, blazing sun, light breeze, gently ebbing tide. Even the humidity had dropped. Paddling easily, I floated close to the docks and noticed a woman peering through a pair of binoculars. Wow, it’s a beautiful day. She clenched her teeth […]