How to Dissolve Ironclad Obstacles

eggs cooking in iron skillet

My intention when I began to dismantle massive clutter in my basement was to carve out a clean, comfortable spot to work during The Heat Wave That Never Ends. I didn’t expect to discover a metaphor for dissolving in obstacles in life. Most of the stuff in my basement was delivered by the movers. Fifteen […]

Feeling Stuck? Let Me Help

You’re not stuck. You can get out on your own. Let me show you. I said that. Brilliant, huh? Not to a client or even to my sometimes stuck-feeling self. This little nugget of wisdom blurted from my lips to a pair of long ears, ones that belong to a creature that may or may […]

Need something? You got it.

Dorothy's ruby slippers

You already have exactly what you need right now. I’ve been saying this a lot lately. Sounds so coach-y, doesn’t it? But it’s true, and I’ve said it so many times lately –  to clients, prospective clients, total strangers at an introvert’s nightmare of a speed networking event (worthwhile and kind of fun, even if […]

Easing Off to Move Forward

If you haven’t so much as looked at your bike for nearly a year and have done approximately 21.75 minutes of aerobic exercise during that time frame, it’s a great idea to start by riding 6-1/2 miles. Said no one. Ever. Not that it stopped me. It’s not like I’d been a total slug for […]

Outside the Lines

I’ve written in my new journal almost every day for a month. And the pages are still blank. They have no lines. Seeking a Boundary I went into a minor panic when I opened my new journal and saw those really blank pages. I opened and closed it again and again as if I could […]

Tossing Out Socks and Lies

I threw out an orphaned sock today.  Together with its recently rediscovered mate. I found one sock on top of the dryer, behind the iron, so it could have been there for years without my realizing it. It turned up about a month ago when I wiped the cobwebs from the iron to put a […]