What Will You Do With Your Glorious Years

white birthday cake with one red candle and red flower

I’m going to a 50th birthday party later this week, and I’m pretty excited about helping the honoree to celebrate what Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson calls “the glorious years.” Mature and childlike, filled with wonder and wisdom, bursting with huge, infectious energy, this person makes 50 seem like the antithesis of old. Not […]

Midlife equals crisis. Or not.

Midlife crisis is inevitable, right? To quote Gershwin, “it ain’t necessarily so.” What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “midlife?” I asked that on Facebook the other day, and at thirty-three replies and counting, got way more responses than the cutest bunny video I’ve ever posted. (Bunny Elphaba is not […]