What You Can Change When You Can’t Change Change

night sky with moon and stars

A joke went around social media recently about how the temperature went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper. It made me laugh, back when if still felt like late summer. A week into running the heater daily and noticing the sun set earlier and earlier, I’m no longer chuckling. Autumn. Not a […]

A Compass and Map to Navigate Your Next

compass and map

When you navigate your next, you need a compass and a map. If you were going to hike a new trail, would you bring a compass or a map? You can only choose one and there’s no cell service, but the distance and terrain are within your strength and skill levels. If you can follow the […]

Your Life Deserves More Than a Hack

You can learn how to hack just about anything with a quick visit to Google U. Does opening your lunch bag to find your bagel’s been squished ruin your day? Pop that circle of yum in the plastic CD spindle case you forgot to get rid of in 2003. Keep confusing your car key with your […]