Resilience to Try and Fall and Get Back Up Again

I was in my kayak on the bay when the yearning started, the instant a guy glided past me on his standup paddle board. Like a gondolier on a surfboard. I had to learn to SUP. Immediately. In less than 3.2 seconds, my brain was overloaded with reasons why I’d be a miserable failure at it. Too […]

Calmer Than the Storm

It wasn’t even a real hurricane. Despite 80 mile per hour winds, it was barely a Category 1. On a five point scale. But when it landed perpendicular to shore, during a higher than usual full moon high tide, with Category 3 pressure, post-tropical cyclone Sandy changed conversations – and lives – forever. I’m blessed […]

Four Keys to Getting Unstuck

key stuck in a lock

I was in no mood to stand on my front step in the cold, trying to figure out how to get into my house. I had the key, but the door was stuck. The bottom lock turned, but the door wouldn’t budge as if the deadbolt had been flipped. I doubted that anyone was inside. […]

Looking Back & Looking Forward

begin with thanks gratitude practice

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.  ~Bill Vaughan   I love that moment when the bells ring, the ball drops and everyone wishes both loved ones and strangers a Happy New Year. Clean slate. Blank page. All those […]

How to Slay the Dragon, Even When You Want to Quit

I was ready to quit yesterday. Halfway through month five of a 6-month project. Not the project itself, but the thing the project is supposed to lead me toward. Like I was at mile 20 of a 26.2-mile marathon, ready to quit running the morning after the race. Right on Schedule Joseph Campbell writes about […]

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Resilient Day

I thought it was the worst part of my day when the squirrel scratching on the porch roof made it difficult to concentrate on drafting the blog post about resiliency. Until the less-than-sweet odor confirmed it wasn’t a squirrel and it definitely was not on the roof. I caught wind of the skunk, under the […]

Standing Tall

I’m frustrated by being told how professional women should lean. I can’t help but feel like it’s a not-so-subtle way of saying not just that we’re not doing enough, but that we simply aren’t enough. I’ll admit, I haven’t read the book yet. After spending a morning with professional women from my community and being reminded by […]

Don’t Forget Your Dream

There’s a piece making the rounds on my social media streams about Oscar winning director Ang Lee that was written in 2006, after he won his first Best Director Oscar. By coming to the U.S. to study film, Lee essentially ended his relationship with his father. He spent six years of “agonizing, hopeless uncertainty” after […]

Lessons of a Long-Eared Life Coach

To celebrate the first anniversary of sharing my home – and a big piece of my heart – with Elphaba, the abandoned rabbit who all but knocked on my front door demanding baby carrots, here are a few of the lessons I continue to learn from my long-eared life coach. Choose Your Tribe Well According […]