Speaking MBTI – Masterfully

Meet Marcy. Marcy’s mornings were a mess.  Her kid Morgan was oblivious when she’d shout, “the bus’ll be here soon.”  Now Marcy simply says, “it’s 7:12.”  Morgan hasn’t missed the bus in months. Mike, whom Marcy manages, used to get annoyed by her feedback.  She was always fair, but the way she got right to […]

Happy Half Year!

I’m so grateful to spend the summer near the seashore, even though it means my weekend plans tend to be structured at least partly around traffic avoidance. I live on the mainland, so if I don’t leave home very early on weekend mornings, the 5-mile drive to the island could easily take an hour. Sitting […]

If This is Rapture, Count Me In

Writing in my usual spot next to the kitchen window just wasn’t cutting it this morning, so I took my coffee and journal outside. When I opened the front door, I noticed the moon, still shining against the bright blue sky. I thought it was supposed to rain all weekend, but it’s sunny and the […]

Encore! Encore!

Youthful Imaginings As a kid, I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade (Gimbel’s, Philadelphia) on the color television at my aunt and uncle’s house. The year I was about seven, I couldn’t wait to watch “Heidi” on TV after dinner, so naturally I was frustrated when the beginning of the movie was pre-empted by the end […]

Something Real and True

Better than Cable I’m among 150,000 people currently watching “eagle cam” online.  I’ve been hooked on the live video stream from an eagle’s nest in Decorah, Iowa, since I learned about it on Saturday. I usually watch it while working in another screen or even on another computer.  Sometimes, though, the action is so compelling, […]

Play Ball

With so many horrible things happening in the world, I almost feel guilty to be so excited about the start of baseball season.  I get it if you think I’m being frivolous, especially when so much of the world seems to be falling apart. I can’t help it, though.  My tendency to look forward to […]

In My Own Voice

Writing for Fun, and then Not The first item on my to-do list for the past (hmm, last post was on the 10th, so that would be) two weeks has been “publish blog post.”  Good thing I moved on to item two, or I would have missed flossing, paying bills, and seeing the super-moon rise […]

Slow Motion, Not No Motion

What happened to January? Or the beginning of February, for that matter. Can it possibly be only five weeks since I was brimming with all of those resolutions, er, intentions, for the New Year? Dotted with “2-hour delay” and “snow day,” my calendar doesn’t look like I accomplished much in the last five weeks, in […]

Big Kids Need to Play, Too

The first snow day was a perfectly-timed delight. Two steps from heading out the door when the call came, I enjoyed a fun, productive day. Writing. Cleaning. Organizing fourteen bags of recycles, trash, and “donates.” Yoga. Reading. A little semi-mindless television. A lot of facebook. A couple of great phone calls. Rest. Day two: cabin […]