Better It Better with Signature Strengths

One of the most reliable ways I know to boost your ability to be well, do good and enjoy the ride is to amp up a coaching tool called “bag it, barter it, or better it” by mixing it with your VIA signature strengths. When you’re facing a task or situation that drains your energy, […]

V is for Values

If it feels like your world is churning out of control like a river after a downpour . . . That predicting the future seems impossible, even around things you’ve managed well in the past . . . Like things are more complex and complicated than ever . . . That it’s harder to find […]

Leverage Your Strengths: Experience Magic

Think about how you’d feel about an event you’d normally enjoy – a family gathering, a night on the town, even a meeting at work – if you knew beforehand that something about it has an almost 100% chance of making you miserable. Bailing it isn’t an option. Enjoying it is. Without wasting energy trying to […]

Keep Navigating Even When the Landmarks are Obscure

Just as I got used to navigating the woods in what passed for winter here in the northeast, winter storm Jonas changed the landscape, quite literally, overnight. Landmarks that had become prominent through bare trees just weeks ago were obscured by several feet of snow. Frozen creeks looked like roads snuggled beneath thick white blankets. […]

Tag Lines, Principles and Leadership

Did you ever sort of know something but didn’t realize exactly what until it became so clear that you couldn’t ever not know it again? I love when that happens. One of my great joys in life is singing with a symphonic chorus known for both performing the masterworks and commissioning composers who are still very much alive […]

Applying Your Strengths Can Make Work Feel Like a Day at the Beach

It sounded like such a great idea back when spring was still weeks away. Lead a nature class on the beach? Cool. A perfect kickstart to the summer season. For a hundred or so sixth graders? Awesome. Teaching + the beach = two of my favorite things. I even adore middle school kids. Seriously. As the class […]

Don’t Let Your Blindspots Get in the Way of Your Vision

It’s no secret that I’m besotted by my pet rabbit Elphaba. I love how, when I go “kiss, kiss, kiss bunny” three times like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, she jumps up from a sound sleep and jets upstairs to the office. I adore her binkies and her speed and agility when runs laps around the […]

Strengths at Work

strengths at work kettle bells

Whenever I lead a workshop or coach a client around applying their values and strengths at work, I know it’s going well when I start to sense a little discomfort. Doubt. Skepticism. Love? I can’t use that in my job. OK, I get teamwork, but zest, kindness, forgiveness? At work? Spirituality? They pay me to […]

Fall Planting, Spring Harvest – with Gratitude

gratitude for evening sunsets

I love evenings. Especially the kind that begin many hours after noon and involve daylight. I celebrated the first evening after springing ahead yesterday by taking time to savor the sunset, at the delightfully late hour of seven o’clock. And I got up early enough to complete and ship a project before seven this morning. […]