Stop Chasing Work-Life Balance. Look for the Red Threads Instead

three spools of thread red white and pink

While working on a project tentatively titled Five Fallacies About Work-Life Balance, I discovered a simple, powerful way to up your joy quotient in every domain of your life. It comes from Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall’s new book, Nine Lies About Work. Instead of thinking of work and life separately, it’s designed to help […]

Well-Being is a Skill: Here’s Your Playbook

As a kid, I dreaded few things more than practicing scales and fingers exercises for my piano lessons. OK, maybe going to the dentist and changing for swim class in that steamy yet clammy locker room, but, let me tell you, just the word Hanon still makes me shudder. I didn’t want to slog through exercises. […]

Well-Being: A Revolutionary Paradigm

If I could manifest the perfect beach day, it would look like last Saturday here in the little trailer park in the pine woods “down the shore.” Low eighties. Light sea breeze. Sun bright. Clouds puffy. Humidity low. Instead of spending it sunbathing, I got hot, sweaty and dirty erasing three seasons’ worth of neglect […]

Navigating Change and Maintaining Balance

You know that old expression about waiting for the other shoe to drop? I haven’t had much wait time lately. It’s like I feel compelled to look toward the sky in search of the next cargo plane from Zappo’s ready to drop cartons of footwear on my head. Good thing I’ve got mad coaching skills and […]

When Positivity Feels Negative

ball of light

Look on the bright side. It’s right there, one of the Essential Elements of Positive Navigation that I wrote about last time. If you’re thinking sequentially, it’s first. I was scribbling about positivity last night when I paused, just for a minute, to peek at Facebook. As one does while “writing.” First post, the local weather dude. Not talking about […]

Don’t Let Your Blindspots Get in the Way of Your Vision

It’s no secret that I’m besotted by my pet rabbit Elphaba. I love how, when I go “kiss, kiss, kiss bunny” three times like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, she jumps up from a sound sleep and jets upstairs to the office. I adore her binkies and her speed and agility when runs laps around the […]

Drainers & Energizers: How to Be Contagious for Good

Sailing Mom It was the kind of August afternoon I dreamed about all winter. Dazzling sky, blazing sun, light breeze, gently ebbing tide. Even the humidity had dropped. Paddling easily, I floated close to the docks and noticed a woman peering through a pair of binoculars. Wow, it’s a beautiful day. She clenched her teeth […]

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Resilient Day

I thought it was the worst part of my day when the squirrel scratching on the porch roof made it difficult to concentrate on drafting the blog post about resiliency. Until the less-than-sweet odor confirmed it wasn’t a squirrel and it definitely was not on the roof. I caught wind of the skunk, under the […]

Values & Well-Being with a Slice of Americana

Three generations, decked out in red, white and blue, lawn chairs at the curb in the same spot since the flag only had 48 stars. The parade’s been the same since the grandparents were newlyweds, the parents were toddlers and the kids scrambling for candy tossed from the floats weren’t yet a twinkle in anyone’s […]

The Simple Path to Strengths-Based Well-Being: Do a Kindness

I was lost in the weekly after church dilemma – oatmeal raisin or white chocolate cranberry – when he sidled up beside me, linked his arm in mine and got so close, well, let’s just say we have different ideas about personal space. “Did you hear about the little girl who sang for the Pope […]