Burnout by Any Other Name

I’ve been thinking a lot about rest lately. I suspect it’s because I stopped thinking about it long enough to finally get some. On the cusp of a big transition about a year ago, I blocked out time for some R & R before diving headlong in to my next big thing. I figured it […]

Boost Your Happiness with Simple Arithmetic

You’re one of the happiest people I know. It’s a wonder I didn’t hurt myself whipping my head around to see who she was talking to. Lucky for me, the speaker was a trusted colleague, one who seems to have been absent the day they handed out sarcasm. The truth is, for a long time, […]

Code Cracking, Hand Fishing and Going with the Flow

Early yesterday afternoon, I dragged myself away from my laptop long enough to slice some cheese and an apple and take it back to my desk so I could nibble while I worked. Six hours after I sat down, intending to spend thirty minutes tweaking a client’s web site, I finally ate lunch. I might […]

Ten Flavors of Positivity: Define Your Happy, and More

child reading in hammock

Positive psychology makes people happier. Martin Seligman He should know. He wrote the book on it. For well over a decade, Seligman has overseen and synthesized hundreds of academic studies about positive psychology, all while teaching dozens of researchers and practitioners in the academic discipline he essentially founded. He wanted to call his first book […]

Celebration Before Resolutions

Have you made your New Years resolutions yet? Or does that question make you want to shout something about how it’s too early for resolutions, dag-nabbit, what with all of that peppermint bark still calling you from inside the kitchen cupboard? It does seem like people start talking about resolutions earlier every year. Commercials for […]

Thirty Seconds of Savoring

cluster of wild beach grapes

What’s it like for you to accept a praise, or congratulations? How do you experience and express gratitude? When’s the last time you lost yourself in the wonder of something you were seeing or doing? Or really noticed something by fully engaging your senses? If your answers to those questions came easily, good for you: […]

Feel Better Now: Boost Your Well-Being, Instantly

I was in a crappy mood today. Couldn’t shake it all morning. The details seem trivial now, lots of junk around deadlines, unfinished projects, and mild sadness that summer – with its lazy, hazy, crazy days – is coming to an end. I packed up my laptop and headed to my “remote office” at the […]

Coffee, with a Side of Well-Being

The Morning Routine Pour coffee in mug. Add milk. Maybe some sugar. Stir. If you’re like me, you’ve done this so many times, usually half asleep, it’s practically automatic. I recently traded flavored creamer – the stuff that’s like milk and sweetener all in one – for almond milk and stevia. I felt good about […]

Work I Love So Much . . . .

Don’t tell my agent, but I would do this for free. That’s my favorite (paraphrased) sound bite from the Academy Awards broadcast.  Busy with Sunday evening get-ready-for-the-week chores, I was only half-listening to the TV, so I’m not sure which Oscar winner said it, but it was someone who worked behind the scenes, not a […]

Wrapped Up in a Reward

spa towel

“Ripppppp.” Thus spake my bath sheet as I wrapped it around my shoulders yesterday morning. You’re thinking, “wow, her holiday food frenzy must have been extreme,” right? Ha! You’re wrong. In fact, I weighed exactly the same on the day after New Years as I did the day before Thanksgiving, thank you very much. It’s […]