Sweep Away Time Confetti to Navigate Overwhelm

laptop and confetti

You started the week with big intentions. Monday morning: detailed, prioritized task list and updated, color-coded calendar. All week: long hours at work, extra work at home. Friday afternoon: you’re exhausted from managing endless urgent-feeling tasks, your to-do list has grown exponentially, and you’re hard pressed to describe a single important project that’s complete. You’re […]

Stop Chasing Work-Life Balance. Look for the Red Threads Instead

three spools of thread red white and pink

While working on a project tentatively titled Five Fallacies About Work-Life Balance, I discovered a simple, powerful way to up your joy quotient in every domain of your life. It comes from Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall’s new book, Nine Lies About Work. Instead of thinking of work and life separately, it’s designed to help […]