caterpillar on benchI took a walk around my neighborhood when I needed a break from writing the caterpillar wisdom post.

Betcha you can guess what I saw.

Many caterpillars.

Right in the middle of the sidewalk.

I stopped to try to coax them back into the grass, so they wouldn’t get squished by the guy pushing the double stroller right behind me, which led me to one more caterpillar-inspired life lesson:

When You’re Scared, Curl Up into a Ball and Hide – But Only for a Nanosecond

None of these caterpillars wanted any part of crawling up my fingertip.

To a person, uh, caterpillar, when I touched each of their noses, they instantly curled up into a tiny ball.

Then they uncurled just as quickly and went back to inching their way along the pavement and ultimately back into the grass.

So if you’re in the throes of a major life change and want to curl up into a ball under your desk, take it from the caterpillar and go right ahead.

Just come back out very, very quickly and get on with the business of inching toward your right life.

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