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Chart Your Course

Making a difference through your work doesn't mean staying stuck in a job that no longer fits.

It's absolutely possible to craft a body of work that lights you up as you serve others, at every stage of your career. 

  • You’re a highly capable, committed professional who wants to make a difference through your work, and you're tired of feeling stuck in a job that no longer fits.
  • You want to make a good living doing work that lights you up and serves others without being miserable, broke, or burning out in the process. 
  • You’re not sure whether you need a new job, a whole new career, or strategies to make the job you have now fit you better, but you know for sure that something’s got to give, and soon. 

It doesn't matter whether you're a young professional in your first job after college, a boomer ready to craft a meaningful third act, or you want to figure out what's next at mid-career; making a difference through your work doesn't have to mean staying stuck in a job that no longer fits.

The Right Support Changes Everything

If you’re like most people, you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and likely some money trying to figure out what’s next for your career. Maybe you’ve read articles and searched online job postings until your eyes glazed over. You might have talked to a resume writer or career counselor, or even checked out a networking group for job-seekers.

Your friends and family truly want to help, but between lacking the perspective and expertise you need and hearing so much about your frustration at work without being able to give you the help you need, they're almost as frustrated as you are.

Even if you’ve had a few glimmers of hope about what's next, you're still not clear about what you want or what else to do to figure it out.

The reason you may not be getting the results you want yet is that you’re focusing too much on what you think employers are looking for and jobs that already exist.

Chart Your Course

Individual career strategy coaching for professionals who want to make a difference through their work and are struggling to navigate the complexity and pace of change in today's world of work.

Chart Your Course is based on these principles:

Lead with Strengths: A strengths-based approach builds your positivity and well-being do you can boost your energy and focus at the beginning of your journey toward what’s next and all along the way as your make your vision for your bold future real.

Use Evidence-Based Strategies and Frameworks: Research-based frameworks from positive psychology are accessible, easy-to-use tools that just plain work and are easy to continue to use so you can continue to flourish after we’ve finished working together.

Ditch the Quick Fix: A solid framework in strengths-based leadership, cultivating sustainable well-being, and positively navigating change isn’t a one-off undertaking. I can help you build and sustain a foundation through which your can continue to grow and develop over the long term.

Chart Your Course


  • A proven framework to grow the energy, clarity, and strategy you need to get clear about work that lights you up and allows you to make the difference you desire.
  • Six essential ingredients to cultivate sustainable well-being and renewable personal energy.
  • Deep ownership of your unique values, strengths, skills, and priorities and clear language to describe the work you seek.
  • Effective strategies, tactics, and tools to navigate the kinds of obstacles, fears, doubts, and setbacks that are inevitable in our ever more chaotic and uncertain world of work.
  • A unique approach to crafting the next step in your career that allows you to find ease and joy in the journey as well as when you arrive at your destination.

Chart Your Course

is delivered via

  • Seven, 1-hour private coaching calls over three months.
  • Pre-work and between-call assignments to sustain positive momentum.
    • Limited between-call email support.
    • Worksheets and other resources as appropriate.


    I’ve always had the most attentive, insightful and useful coaching from Florence. And she makes it all seem like a day at the beach – a day where I see things that I never noticed before and where I suddenly don’t feel self-conscious in my swimsuit. She works gently, patiently and powerfully – like the tide.
    — Janet Jones, UX Specialist
    Florence is amazing.  She helped me consider different ways of looking at some of my goals.  When she checked in on a hunch, she graciously switched course if it didn’t resonate with me.  She also has a beautiful way of helping me word things so they were more resonant. She helped me see that I often get so caught up in doing that I forget to go back and see if what I’m doing is going to get me to the feeling place I want to experience – a wonderful reminder for me to remain present.
    — Sheppard Lake, Equus Coach and Leadership Consultant
    Florence Moyer is an astute chaperone of change. A few months after resigning from a corporate career of ten years, I was feeling a bit flat and rudderless, and I was struggling to find balance. In one short hour with Florence, I was able to recognize that when my need for adventure is not being met, the rest of my life is thrown off balance. I quickly committed to build out a vision for adventure and it’s made all the difference. I feel energized, creative and open to what’s in store for me. This is what a session with Florence can do for you. She truly is a powerful ally in the force of goodness in the world.
    — Erin Brimmer, Artist and Marketing Consultant

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