Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM (CCT)

Adapt and Thrive  in a Rapidly Changing World

Imagine if there were a way that you get clear, get unstuck, and feel more balanced and energized  – more like you at your best – all without a whole bunch of striving and effort on your part. 

There is: Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM .   

We live in a world of constant, rapid, disruptive change, a new paradigm where tools humans have relied on for centuries have become less and less effective.

CCT is a perfect map to help you navigate this new paradigm.

It’s is a unique system for transformation that can you support you in:

When we work together in the context of CCT, you receive individualized energy support to help you gain clarity, make wise decisions, and take solid steps toward your goals.

Shifts happen more quickly, with less effort, and with way more ease and joy.

After nearly eight years of using CCT, personally and with clients, I’m delighted to make it a larger part of my work in the world. 

If your creative work feels blocked and you’re easily distracted . . .

If you feel overwhelmed by change . . .

If you seek transformation in your life, business, or relationships . . . 

If you yearn to grow, heal, and discern and live your purpose more fully . . .

CCT can help. 

Through CCT Sessions and CCT Soul Charts, I can help you 

CCT can help you feel better, get more done, and do more good in the world. With more joy and way less struggle. 

CCT is delivered via Sessions and Charts, and specific tools are chosen according to your unique needs. 

I’m all about transparency, especially about the cost of my work with clients, but a list of Sessions and Charts would likely be more confusing than helpful before we talk about your specific needs.

Prices range from $75 for a mini healing session to $700 for a package of six Tree of Life healing sessions, with most sessions and charts in the range of $150 to $175.

My clients and I have consistently found CCT work to be a great value in supporting clarity, wise decisions, and effective steps toward goals, with less effort and more joy. 

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