Declutter Your Thinking

Decluttering can help you do more than get rid of stuff. Done right, it can help you rediscover the internal qualities to help you thrive, as long as you use your rediscovered brilliance instead of letting it sit on a shelf.

When I woke up this morning, I realized I was breathing easily and silently for the first time in, oh, I don’t know, months, years, the lifetime since an otolaryngologist described my septum as “the most deviated I’ve seen in my 40-year career.” I savored the scent of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass – through both nostrils – recalling how I rediscovered the aromatherapy beads during a recent decluttering spree. A couple of weeks ago.

In a bottle from a store that closed shortly after superstorm Sandy. In 2012.

I finally took it from the shelf and set some next to my pillow. Yesterday.

My chronic sinus issues were largely resolved. Overnight.

If throwing out those dried up nail polish and hair ornaments from the 80s – banana clips, anyone? – from that drawer a couple of weeks ago felt great, breathing so freely this morning because I used the beads that I rediscovered felt amazing. Even more amazing is that decluttering what no longer serves and benefitting from the cool things you rediscover works for more than physical stuff. It works with painful thoughts, limiting beliefs and outdated stories about yourself, too.

When you declutter your thinking and ditch the stories that no longer serve, you create space for your inherent values, strengths and priorities to become abundantly clear and support your success.

  • Ditching the story about how not getting the lead in the high school play means you should never express an opinion in public creates the space to rediscover the things that you’re so good at you take them for granted.
  • Tossing limiting beliefs about the things you think you can’t possibly do, the happiness you surely don’t deserve, the dreams you’ll never realize allows your natural strengths and needed-in-the-world brilliance space to emerge and flourish.
  • Throwing away a self-concept that stopped being true around the time when banana clips went out of style makes way for the clarity you need to easily make wise decisions that lead to the success you seek.

So clean out that drawer. Toss or donate the things that no longer serve. Use the re-discovered things that bring you joy.

Then do the same with your out of date thoughts and stories, too. Just don’t let the good stuff you rediscover within yourself linger on a shelf like I did with those old aromatherapy beads. Use your brilliance now, not just to breath more easily, but to more easily navigate toward the life crave.


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image: pixabay; used with permission

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