elphaba at work

It’s no secret that I’m besotted by my pet rabbit Elphaba.

I love how, when I go “kiss, kiss, kiss bunny” three times like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, she jumps up from a sound sleep and jets upstairs to the office.

I adore her binkies and her speed and agility when runs laps around the living room.

Bunstructing the carpet? Not so much.

Others love her, too.

Her photo in my Facebook feed is good for well over 100 likes; a10% reach, without paying a penny for a boost.

She’s been an amazing teacher from the moment she showed up as a stray and adopted me.

Domesticated for over 1400 years, house rabbits, like their wild cousins, are prey animals with highly tuned senses, proving that those wiggly noses and adjustable ears aren’t there just for the cute factor.

Bunnies have nearly 360° vision, with a blind spot directly behind them and a tiny on just in front of their noses.

Since she survived weeks outdoors in a Philadelphia-area winter, I think Elfie is smarter – and more wild – than the average bun.

So I was fascinated when I she struggled to find a bit of carrot that was, literally, right under her nose.

Bunny Blind Spots in Humans

J.H. is a writer who wanted to navigate toward a new career. She felt like her creativity was undervalued at work and cranking out copy for others was wearing her down.

I helped her reconnect with her other strengths and understand that we often fail to see how others value things the come easily to us.

Once she decided to temporarily shift the focus away from work and to apply her creativity to planning and creating a home garden, new and exciting opportunities to use her strengths at work began to emerge.

J.P. (no, not all of my clients’ first names start with J) felt stuck trying to grow her coaching business. She knew that trying to replicate others’ businesses wouldn’t work, but didn’t trust that what she loved and came easily to her would be of value to clients.

Once she accepted that ease and joy could – and must – be part of a successful business, she was able to get super clear about what she offered and who she wanted to work with and, lo and behold, clients began to seek her services.

Stop Searching Far and Wide

Even though our eyes aren’t on the sides of our heads, sometimes we get stuck in bunny vision, looking in every direction for the best way to navigate through the stuck places in our careers, businesses and lives.

We miss what’s right in front of us.

The things we’re good at, that we love to do and that others value enough to hire us and/or pay us to do for them.

Sometimes a tiny shift in perspective is enough to help us see how others value what’s best about us.

Other times, it takes a bit more.

The best place to start, though, is to get out of your bunny blinds spot remember that others see the unique strengths and skills that can be so easy for you to overlook.


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