A key focus of my work in the world is helping people notice, celebrate, and grow the good without burning energy trying to pretend away the bad.

Asking powerful questions is key to good coaching. Great for me, what with my tons of training and practice, as well as my natural, almost impossible-to-harness curiosity.

But there’s one question that, if you ever hear it escape my lips, is a clear indication my brain, not to mention my heart, have been abducted by aliens.

What’s perfect about that?

I can feel my jaw clench a wee bit just by thinking about it.

Oh, it might work. Sometimes.

You got to the train station too late to find a parking space and ended up driving into the city? What’s perfect about that?

But more often than not, I find asking “what’s perfect” so offensive and dangerous, it’s permanently on my no-go list.

Good from Bad, Not from Perfect

New Zealanders who reached out in awe-inspiring love and leaders who took clear, swift action to ban assault weapons. Good. The slaughter of dozens of worshippers in the Christchurch mosques. Utterly not perfect.

Dozens of volunteers working day and night for over a year to catch, care for, and re-home hundreds of domestic rabbits dumped in public parks in Las Vegas. Good. Squee-worthy good. The abuse and abandonment of animals. Totally not perfect.

Good is Good Enough

Lifting up good over perfect isn’t just my thing. There’s plenty of research to support it’s benefits.

Perfect Work-Life Balance?

Hate to break it to you, but perfection here is like finding a parking spot at that train station after rush hour. Ain’t gonna happen.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the good, in the form of perfect imbalance, a unique to you, ever-flexible blend of five elements that sustainably fuel your well-being so you can face challenges with resilience and continue to grow and develop throughout your good, brilliant, beautiful, imperfect life.

Grow the Good

I don’t think it’s cynical to believe that perfection not only isn’t the goal but is if not unattainable, definitely unsustainable.

I stand by my positivity, supported by plenty of evidence, and my belief that noticing, celebrating, and growing the good is a more nurturing, attainable, and sustainable goal.

You might say it’s almost perfect.

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image Pixabay; used with permission

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