Happy Half Year!


I’m so grateful to spend the summer near the seashore, even though it means my weekend plans tend to be structured at least partly around traffic avoidance.

I live on the mainland, so if I don’t leave home very early on weekend mornings, the 5-mile drive to the island could easily take an hour.

Sitting in traffic burning gas:  not my idea of summertime fun.

“Avoid crowds at all costs” was a main tenet of life at the shore when I was growing up.  The closest we got to the Fourth of July fireworks at the beach was the causeway halfway between there and home.

It was kind of like watching them on TV, but with mosquitoes.  Lots of mosquitoes.

Last year, I got really bold and drove all the way to the island for the fireworks.  I stood on the boardwalk.  For the fireworks.  On July fourth!

I had become such a renegade.  Finally.

Being among the crowd last Fourth of July was great fun for this solitude-loving introvert.  And my traffic-avoiding ninja skills served me so well, I decided to put them to the test again on New Years Eve.

I braved crowds, traffic, cold, and snow-pack, something we rarely get at the southern Jersey Shore, to greet 2011 by watching the fireworks.  Up close and personal.  On the boardwalk.

On New Year’s Eve!fireworks in winter

I was in renegade heaven.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that my New Year’s reflection and intention-setting took on a different, more magical feel this year.  So magical, in fact, I’m not waiting six more months to do it again.

One of my words for 2011 is freedom.  So in addition to celebrating the freedom we associate with Independence Day here in the U.S., I’m also celebrating the half-year this weekend.

I’m so excited to take some time to reflect on the year so far and to check in on the intentions I set in the winter.  I’ll celebrate gratitude for the fulfilled intentions, refine and recommit to a few, and discard others to make way for new ones.

I’ll let the spirit of freedom be my guide, whether I’m avoiding traffic on my front porch or standing in the middle of a crowd on the boardwalk.

I’d love for you to join my by sharing your celebration of intentions manifested and new ones you set.

Let’s rock this July fourth weekend and the rest of 2011 together.



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