It just looks so darn cool, doesn’t it?

If any old January first is a time for new beginnings, this one clearly demands action, what with all of those vertical lines, standing at attention and all.

That’s what flomotion is all about.  Moving.  Taking action.  Doing something.

Something so simple and so tiny it feels like nothing, until a whole bunch of nothing-feeling somethings come together to become, well, really something.

Something like moving more and eating less.  Or moving more playfully and eating less automatically.

Something like doing nothing when resting is the best something.  Or doing something active that feels restful.

Something like letting yourself feel fear and doing the something that makes you shake in your flip flops anyway.

Today, launching flomotion is my something.

It’s a little something now, but stick around.  It’s going to become really something.

What’s your something?

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I am the first commenter of your brand new site! I love it. I love the name, too, my dear FloMo. This little ‘something’ is going to get big this year. Stand back!

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