My intention when I began to dismantle massive clutter in my basement was to carve out a clean, comfortable spot to work during The Heat Wave That Never Ends. I didn’t expect to discover a metaphor for dissolving in obstacles in life.

Most of the stuff in my basement was delivered by the movers. Fifteen years ago. Stuff from my mom’s house followed five years later.

In the “Kitchen/Florence” box, I found my Mom Mom’s iron skillet that my mom cooked Rice-a-Roni in and that I used as a prop in a production of Oklahoma! It was covered in mildew, but I figured that would be an easy fix. After soaking the skillet overnight – a huge no-no, I learned later – it looked usable on the inside, but on the outside it seemed to be . . . . . dissolving.

Because it is.

The bumps on the outside aren’t mildew. They’re little pebbles of iron, the result the right combination of oxygen, water, and time in the damp basement that’s turning a solid hunk of iron into dust.

Dissolving Painful Beliefs

Not an hour before I accepted that the skillet is in fact dissolving, I’d helped a client dissolve a painful, limiting thought that held her back, in her words, “for as long as I can remember.”

Disclaimer: I don’t for a moment pretend that injustice, hardship, and downright sucky-ness don’t exist.

At the same time, I know for sure that way too often, way too many of us suffer not because of something out there in the world but because of thoughts in our brains that are neither true nor helpful, and as a coach, I’m trained to dissolve false, harmful beliefs – for myself and others – through a process called inquiry or thought work.

I’m told I’m pretty darn good at it.

Think it sounds like a bunch of woo-woo mumbo jumbo? Me, too. At first.

After practicing inquiry for years and witnessing the tremendous relief it brings to client after client, though, I’m confident that thought work is as powerful a means of helping people dissolve obstacles as that oxygen-water combo was in dissolving my grandmother’s skillet.

Here’s the process:

Simple, right? So simple, in fact, you can try it out right now.

It’s also deeply nuanced, though, as I continue to learn after nearly ten years of practice, so you might find it even more powerful if you work with a coach.

I can’t offer you a home-cooked meal from my grandmother’s skillet, as its dissolving remains are headed for the dumpster.

I can help you dissolve painful thoughts that create obstacles in your life, though.

First, by sending you to The Work of Byron Katie to learn more about inquiry and second by working with me as I support you in dissolving of the thoughts that create obstacles for you in a way that will help you move forward with more ease and joy.

Dissolving iron skillet not required.

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