text bubbleWriting for Fun, and then Not

The first item on my to-do list for the past (hmm, last post was on the 10th, so that would be) two weeks has been “publish blog post.”  Good thing I moved on to item two, or I would have missed flossing, paying bills, and seeing the super-moon rise over the ocean.

Blogging was so much fun when I started those few short months ago, amid the 1/1/11 hoopla.  The atta-girls weren’t so bad, either.  But in no time, the pleasure of posting daily became the chore of posting a few times a week, quickly followed by the self-torment of posting whenever the stars were appropriately aligned.  And the creek wasn’t rising.

Determined not to join the 95% of bloggers who abandon their projects within four months, I set out to find my lost blogging mojo.

It snowed.  I got busy.  It snowed again.  I got sick.  I got better.  I became swamped at work.  I started a couch-to-5K running program.  It snowed some more.  I finished the 5K.  I got sick again.  It finally stopped snowing and I finally spent time outside.

The Fakest Story Ever Told – By Me, To Me

The truth is, I stopped writing because I concocted this story in my mind that I couldn’t write in my own voice and still sound like a coach.  Not like a “real,” serious career coach, anyway.

According to my grand tale, my blog had to include only brilliant, practical, serious posts targeted toward my ideal clients, folks seeking help with a really big, important, serious thing – their careers.

One chapter of my story was about how no one in full-blown furlough freak-out over being laid off would find anything helpful in fluffy towels, resting, or hummingbirds.  Another was all about boomers still wanting, or needing, to work as they approached retirement who hyperventilated while laughing hysterically over green candles.

An epic tale with an audience of one, I let my story scare me out of blogging in any voice, including my own.  No posts, no readers, no fun.

Writing Like Me, the Career Coach

I finally erased that manuscript from my mental hard drive and kicked the fear it spawned to the curb.

I’m ba-ack, and blogging again, in my own voice.  It’s the voice of a career coach who gets it that creating a terrific career is a really big, important, serious thing but who also refuses to accept that creating that terrific career can’t be fun.  Joyful, even.

So Here’s the Plan

I can teach you effective ways to help you create a terrific career.

I can help you get clear about your strengths, values, and priorities.  And guide you as you define your personal brand and put it out there to attract your perfect job.  Or your perfect customers.

And I can coach you through the scary stories your mind will inevitably create along the way, helping you to get brave and unstuck.  Like I have.

I’ll keep writing here, using my own voice.  That means you’ll get the super-effective tool stuff and the super-powerful coaching stuff along with goodies about spending time in nature, playing, resting, and the occasional link to a Jimmy Buffett video.

After all, he tells some pretty good stories, always in his own voice.  And his work/play ratio rocks.


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