I took a walk in the neighborhood where I grew up last weekend.

You’d think I’d walk there more often, since it’s right next to where I live now, but it had been years since I toured the old stomping grounds.

I was struck by how much smaller everything seemed.

Except for the hills. I was blown away by their enormity. Hills I flew to the top of on my Stingray bike as a kid were suddenly big enough to make my quads scream in pain.

The houses, though? And the yards? Definitely smaller.

And exactly when did all those vegetable gardens start popping up in all those tiny little yards, anyway? They sure weren’t there when I was a kid.

Of course, the gardens are all fallow this time of year, littered with dying leaves and the remains of Halloween pumpkins. Bare. Quiet. Still.

The bike-riding kid version of me would have found them ugly, if she had even noticed them in the first place.

Present day me, she of the achy quads, finds the gardens beautiful and is fascinated by the flurry of activity that I can’t see but know is happening under the soggy leaf litter. Slugs, worms and their fellow creepy crawly decomposers breaking down leaves and twigs, enriching the soil.

Laying the groundwork for future growth.

It’s weird, isn’t it, how we humans move at an even faster pace every December, while so much of nature’s work this time of year is quiet and mostly out of sight, as it lays the groundwork for next season’s growth?

Whether you’re a worm chowing down on fallen leaves or an over scheduled human with so much to do this month, it’s a time when laying the groundwork for future growth is essential.

A time to reflect.

To get clear about who you are, what you can and want to bring to the world, what brings you joy, and what you really want to grow in the coming seasons.

It’s time to gain clarity about your values, strengths, and priorities, laying the groundwork for wise decisions and effective right action.

Sure, you can put off getting clear over the oh so busy holiday season. Or you can start to lay the groundwork now.

I’m not a gambler, but if I were, I’d put my money on get started. Don’t wait until after the holiday rush.

Now’s the time to start gaining the clarity you need to make wise decisions that support your success, to start laying the groundwork for what you want to create in the new year.

Lucky you, not being a slug and all, you don’t even have to crawl around and eat dead leaves to get started.

Ready to get started laying the groundwork for the change you want to create in the new year? I can help. Check out Clarity Sessions or schedule a Learn More About Coaching call today. 

image: Pixabay, used with permission


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