Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Unclear about how to move forward or even which direction to face before you take the first step?

Looking to manage stress, overwhelm, and confusion as you define and navigate your next chapter with ease and joy?

No matter whether you:

  • know that a big birthday, impending retirement, empty nest, relationship shift, or other life transition is on the horizon,
  • are looking to regroup and move forward after an unexpected life change,
  • or simply know that something’s got to change, but you’re not sure what

I can help you get the clarity you need to make wise decisions that support the transformation you seek.

We can work together in customized, focused, confidential coaching sessions in a number of ways:  weekly or bi-weekly calls, half-day or full-day in-person or virtual retreats, or through customized solutions based on your unique needs and working and learning styles.

Using a proven coaching framework that’s always customized to meet your needs, I’ll help you:

  • get clear about your priorities, strengths, values, and skills,
  • make wise decisions that support effective action toward your goals, and
  • grow the competence and courage you need to navigate today’s rapid change and ever-increasing complexity and
  • continue to grow and develop even after we finish working together.

You'll get my full attention as well as all of my strengths, knowledge, and skills as a master certified coach: deep listening, powerful questions, intellect, intuition and my almost freakish ability to see connections that others miss and to help make big, audacious plans doable.

I can’t promise that you’ll end up precisely where you think you want to go right now, but I know for sure that, if you show up and do the work, you’ll gain the clarity you need to make wise decisions about what you really want and start to take solid steps toward those goals - with way more ease and joy than you likely think is possible right now.

Let's find out how you’re called to thrive.

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Life Coaching Possibilities

Clarity Sessions

Individual coaching structured to help you get clear about your values, strengths, and priorities and begin to grow sustainable well-being to help you move forward. 

Four, 1-hour sessions over 1 to 2 months.

Package price: $750

Chart Your Course

Crystal clarity, a personal strategic plan and support to take solid steps to make it happen.
Seven, 1-hour sessions over 3 months. 
Pre-work, between-call assignments & email support to help you create momentum. 

Package price: $1,500 

Let's find out how you're called to thrive.

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