You’ve walked around 24/7 with a pocket full of wizardry – the entire internet on your phone – practically since you could walk.

Why would your hire someone your parents’ age (or older) to help you launch your career? How can someone who grew up with phones attached to a wall, black and white TV, and encyclopedias instead of Wikipedia, possibly help you?

Because I’ve been there.

I may have sent my resume by snail mail. In an envelope. With a stamp. But while the logistics of launching a career post-college have changed, the human side is still pretty much the same.

My journey from school to work wasn’t pretty. Much of it was way harder than it needed to be and some of it really sucked. But I ultimately crafted a career that lights me up. Every. Single. Day, In fact, one of the things I love best  is helping students, new grads, and young careerists navigate their work life and life’s work with way more ease and joy and a lot less struggle than I did.

I loved college, the academics and the social part. So much, I went back. Three times. In part because I had little clue how to navigate the transition from professional student to . . . professional.

Everything changed when I learned and practiced the same tools that make up the framework of how I help young professional clients today.

I got clear about my values, strengths, and priorities, learning how they always show up in my life and how I not only feel better, but also do better, when my work is aligned with me at my best. The result: I make better decisions about the work I seek and take more effective action, at work and throughout my life.

I learned what kind of balance helps me sustain my energy, and I learned how to notice and deal with scary thoughts – that are nearly always both manageable and untrue –  that kept me up at night and miserable during the day.

These are exactly the tools and frameworks you’ll learn to use when we work together.

As a kid, I loved being with grown-ups, especially elders. I’m the youngest by twelve years, so sort of an only, and my elders were awesome. As an adult, I enjoy working with people of all ages, from four-year-olds in music classes to professionals contemplating and rocking retirement, and one of my favorite things about my work as a naturalist educator is having new grad colleagues.

I don’t have all the answers for you, and I won’t tell you what to do.

I do have the desire, the commitment, the skills, and the tools to help you figure out your own answers, the ones that are best for you, and apply them not just while we work together, but as you navigate a work life that fuels you and serves others in a world that’s changing even more quickly than way back when you watched your first video on YouTube. 

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image: unsplash, used with permission

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