you deserve more than a hackYou can learn how to hack just about anything with a quick visit to Google U.

Does opening your lunch bag to find your bagel’s been squished ruin your day? Pop that circle of yum in the plastic CD spindle case you forgot to get rid of in 2003.

Keep confusing your car key with your house key? Not sure how that’s even possible, but if so, color code those puppies with different shades of nail polish.

Don’t want to drop cash on a speaker for your phone? Stop wasting those empty toilet paper rolls by turning them into bunny toys, grab a pair of scissors and two push pins and, voila, your whole neighborhood can belt show tunes right along with you.

Sure, perfectly folded sheets, clean fingers after de-stemming strawberries, shiny post-vinegar soak shower heads are all nice.

Sometimes your life needs more than a hack.

That’s when your life deserves more than a hack.

It doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold while you do a major overhaul.

Sure, it takes time and focus to begin to move forward with more joy and less struggle.

With the right support, though, it takes less time that you think.

Support to:

Maybe you can do it on your own, but even that will take more than a hack.

It’ll take focus, expertise, strong boundaries around your time, and the ability to look at yourself and your life from a different, neutral, supportive perspective.

In my experience, that last bit – looking at yourself objectively from a perspective other than your own – isn’t something that many of us are great at doing.

It takes more than a hack.

It takes expertise, structure, and support.

Exactly what you’ll get in Navigate Your Next, my upcoming group coaching program for women at a crossroads.

It’s designed to help you get surf your fear, life in greater integrity in any situation, and lay the groundwork to take powerful steps toward your life’s next chapter.

So, sure, hack your closet, your handbag, your junk drawer.

When it’s time to create the future you yearn for, though, don’t hack.

Navigate Your Next.


image: Florence Moyer

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