ladybugYou know that old expression about waiting for the other shoe to drop?

I haven’t had much wait time lately.

It’s like I feel compelled to look toward the sky in search of the next cargo plane from Zappo’s ready to drop cartons of footwear on my head.

Good thing I’ve got mad coaching skills and a whole lot of tools.

Boy howdy, do I have tools.

Thought work, gratitude practice, sit spot, energy work, meditation, self-coaching, journaling. Just for starters.

Wonderful tools that really do work wonders.

Without them, I would be out looking for that cargo plane. Or hiding from it under my desk. Or indulging in much more frequent cheap red wine and Netflix binges. (I’m a coach, people, not a saint.)

I’ve navigated enormous life changes over the past six months, some planned, others dumped upon me, some chosen, others I still don’t want, with much more agility and grace than if I didn’t have those coaching skills and tools.

Doing remarkably well, thanks.

But still feeling a little off.

Countless changes. Some small, others large, all significant.

And change keeps showing up. At an ever more rapid and unpredictable pace.

It’s how the world seems to work these days.

An endless succession of small, large, desired, detested, anticipated, and I-did-not-see-that-coming change.

Happening faster and faster.

That can easily throw us completely off-balance.

There’s a Tool for That

There’s another footwear-related expression, about the cobbler’s children going barefoot, presumably because he (assuming the absence of female cobblers when cobblers were still a common thing) was so busy taking care of others, he didn’t take care of his kids.

Or himself, I suspect.

I wasn’t running around barefoot – well, OK, I do that a lot, by choice – but I sure had been too busy navigating change to check in on my own well-being.

Pretty ironic, since helping clients balance and recalibrate their own well-being is something I do all the time.

They all say I’m good at it, too.

Using a powerful tool that’s simple enough to understand and use quickly and deep enough to continue to use over time.

When I finally remembered to use the theory of well-being tool on myself, it took me less than ten minutes to figure out where my balance was off and come up a few steps to realign. Right away.

Constant Realignment

Elfie in Nannys bathroomI love to watch Elphaba, the wonder rabbit, stand on her back feet. (But getting those actions shots is tough.)

OK, so I love to watch all the time, but it especially fascinates me to watch how she moves her back feet, continually and almost imperceptibly, to keep her balance when she’s stretching up to beg for yet another treat.

Small, subtle movements like that are how we keep our balance, physical and metaphorical.

Whether we’re wearing flip flops, hiking boots or going barefoot.

Feeling off-balance and a bit overwhelmed? Reboot Your Balance is a one-on-one strategy session where you’ll learn what balance looks like for you and how to create and realign it to grow well-being and renewable personal energy.



ladybug –; used with permission

bunny Elphaba ©2015 Florence Moyer

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