Is it possible to navigate midlife without struggle, overwhelm, and crisis?

Change is inevitable, but you can absolutely create meaning and purpose – and even experience joy – as you navigate midlife and beyond.


Popular culture tells us that midlife crisis is inevitable.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Midlife is a time of enormous change that can affect women in particular in significant, disorienting ways.

Pop culture tells us that midlife is inevitably a crisis that signals the beginning of the end, and the thought of being able to navigate midlife without struggle and overwhelm can feel impossible. 

Sure, change may be inevitable, but ease and joy are definitely attainable from mid-career through retirement.

You can make midlife a time to grow into your gifts and experience more meaning and purpose.

A big claim? Sure. I believe in Navigate Your Next and invite you to check it out for yourself to find out how it can work for you.

What is Navigate Your Next?

Navigate Your Next is a powerful, small-group coaching program for professional women ready for the kind of clarity that leads to smart decisions and more success, on your terms.

When your desire to get unstuck in exceeds your fear of change,

Because your friends and family mean well, but they can’t be as objective or helpful as a professional coach, and

When you know that staying suck is zapping your energy, but you feel like you don’t have the focus or time to figure this out on your own.

(Not my kid. Still one of my favorite big kids today.)

Who is Florence Moyer and what qualifies her to help you?

I was mid-40s, mid-career, and miserable.

New mortgage. Less-new grad school debt. A walking bundle of stress, with the medical bills to prove it. Full-time employee, part-time caregiver (a role that became nearly full-time in no time), in overwhelm 24/7.

I know now that everything shifted the moment I slid my backside into a kayak and paddled away from the dock.

A few afternoons every week, over four summers, I learned to navigate mid-life – and my next – with more ease and joy than I ever thought possible. 

I rediscovered long-forgotten strengths. Trusted my skills.

Learned to chart my course, set sail, and pivot with ease, amid pop-up thunderstorms, mucky low tides, and huge boat wakes from Sunday sailors going too fast in their rented speedboats.

I got clear, made wise decisions about my future, and found the courage to more forward.

I created Navigate Your Next to help you navigate mid-life with more ease and joy.

And take solid steps toward what you want more of – in way less time than it took me.

This is an incredibly useful and deceptively simple process to use.  It’s not just about setting goals but making them manageable with clear, small next steps. 

Plus, Flo knows how to work a room, so the learning/practicing process was interesting and enjoyable! 

~ Starla J. King, Writing Coach, Creativity Coach, Author   

Navigate Your Next

Powerful Group Coaching for Professional Women at Mid-Career and Beyond

A proven 3-step process to help you get clear, make a plan, and begin to take solid steps toward your goals.

Practical, step-by-step exercises and assessments in doable increments to support your progress without creating overwhelm.

Powerful, evidence-based coaching to help you get unstuck and figure out your own solutions.

Practical teaching and built-in practice to support your continued positive navigation even after the group coaching course ends.

If you ever wake up in a panic about what’s next, or if on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is “everything’s beyond fabulous” and 10 is “I can’t handle this uncertainty any longer,” you’re at a 5 or above, you can benefit from Navigate Your Next.

Florence Moyer is an exceptional coach.  She’s smart, listens avidly and asks powerful questions leading to meaningful insights and relief from confusion and overwhelm. 

She leads each session with integrity, compassion and provides a safe space for you to do the work to uncover the insights that fuel you forward.  I highly recommend working with Florence.

                                ~ Helen Samson Mullen, Executive Coach and Wellness Strategist  


Navigate Your Next

Here’s What’s Included

It all starts Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.



This group coaching course is based on a tested framework that I’ve delivered multiple times to individual clients, and it works. If you show up, participate, and do the assignments, you will gain clarity to support wise decisions about what’s next for you and begin to take solid steps to make it happen. 

If you participate in the first three classes and do the assignments to the best of your ability but still find the class isn’t working for you, you are eligible for a 50% refund provided you haven’t yet taken advantage of your individual coaching session. If you’ve already used your individual coaching session and meet the above criteria, you’re eligible for a 50% refund less $200.


Navigate Your Next

It all starts Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.



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Mid-life doesn’t have to be a crisis.

Navigate Your Next can help you sail more smoothly – with a whole lot more ease and joy.