Being clear about your values, strengths and priorities is the key to creating change, whether you declare New Year’s resolutions or not.

Since today likely feels like the real new beginning, as we return to routines after a long winter vacation, or at least a Monday holiday, it’s a good time to put those intentions into action.

If you missed crafting resolutions, or already bailed on the ones you made, take heart. You’re not doomed to a year of misery and failure. You got up at a ridiculous hour, dressed in actual clothes instead of lounging in sweats all day, right? Congratulate yourself and trust that you can still create positive change in 2018.

To Resolve or Not To Resolve

Depending on the top hits, an internet search will report a resolution failure rate near 90%. I know you don’t trust everything you read on the internet, but those outcomes are still likely to make you want to bail on resolutions altogether.

Spending way too much time looking for research about resolution success over the holidays, my inner nerd went beyond the top Google hits and discovered but one study, by University of Scranton psychology professor Dr. John Norcross. The study’s 400 subjects reported they either (1) wanted to make change in the new year, (2) were contemplating change but probably not around New Year’s, or (3) were all in with resolutions on January first. The resolvers – surprise – were more successful at creating positive change, with 46% still going strong six months later. A baseball player with a .460 average would be a sensation. A 50+% failure in real life, not so much, but it still beats a 90% failure rate, so if you’re committed to positive change, to resolve is better than to not resolve.

New Year’s Resolutions: The Time is Now

Since you’re reading a post by a professional coach, I have a hunch you’re at least curious about making positive change. The time is right to move from curiosity to action, because the research reveals that the time to initiate change is now.

Not a metaphor. The time really is now. Norcross found that folks who initiated change at the New Year were ten times more successful than those who didn’t.

Start With You

Inspired to get busy with positive change in 2018? Awesome. I’ll be sharing lots more about how to create and carry out whatever you call them – resolutions, intentions, goals – all year long, so stick around.

In the meantime, start by getting clear about your values, strengths and priorities.

I know for sure that clarity like that is key to not only initiate positive change, but to support your making it happen in a way that’s much less of a slog and tons more joyful.

Start Now

The time’s still ripe to ride the wave of momentum of the New Year.

Let’s hop to it.


image: pixabay; used with permission

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