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Florence Moyer is an exceptional coach.  She’s smart, listens avidly and asks powerful questions leading to meaningful insights and relief from confusion and overwhelm.  She leads each session with integrity, compassion and provides a safe space for you to do the work to uncover the insights that fuel you forward.

— Helen Samson Mullen, Executive Coach and Wellness Strategist


Florence’s teaching and guiding seemed effortless and it made it easy for me to really step into learning and practicing something new.

— Starla J. King, Author, Writing Coach, Creativity Coach


I appreciated how Florence contacted me days before the actual scheduled session to inquire about my coaching needs. I felt her interest in and caring for me even before the session started. The session was a seamless collaboration of my thoughts and feelings weaved with Florence’s insights and poignant questioning. It felt like an unfolding, and at the end of the session I felt a clarity in a way that I couldn’t articulate, but could feel.

— Mara Wai, Associate Program Director


Florence Moyer is an astute chaperone of change. A few months after resigning from a corporate career of ten years, I was feeling a bit flat and rudderless, and I was struggling to find balance. In one short hour with Florence, I was able to recognize that when my need for adventure is not being met, the rest of my life is thrown off balance. I quickly committed to build out a vision for adventure and it’s made all the difference. I feel energized, creative and open to what’s in store for me. This is what a session with Florence can do for you. She truly is a powerful ally in the force of goodness in the world.

— Erin Brimmer, Artist and Marketing Consultant


Florence is amazing.  She helped me consider different ways of looking at some of my goals.  When she checked in on a hunch, she graciously switched course if it didn’t resonate with me.  She also has a beautiful way of helping me word things so they were more resonant. She helped me see that I often get so caught up in doing that I forget to go back and see if what I’m doing is going to get me to the feeling place I want to experience – a wonderful reminder for me to remain present.

— Sheppard Lake, Equus Coach and Leadership Consultant


I’ve always had the most attentive, insightful and useful coaching from Florence. And she makes it all seem like a day at the beach – a day where I see things that I never noticed before and where I suddenly don’t feel self-conscious in my swimsuit. She works gently, patiently and powerfully – like the tide.

— Janet Jones, UX Specialist


Florence is spot on, compassionate, insightful, and a joy to be coached by. She asks great questions. I always come away from our calls with good insight and feel like I’m on the right path or have a direction to go.

— Susan Carroll, Nature-Based Life Coach

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