My mailing list, that oft-considered holy grail of people who do at least part of their business online – so, basically, just about every business – on this first day in the GDPR universe, has a whopping 25 subscribers.

One of which is me, thanks to mild OCD that makes me distrust that the emails really went through unless I see one as a subscriber.

So, 24.

There’s a time when that would have given me apoplexy.

Or at least led to an online rant accompanied by a not small degree of stress eating.

There was a small rant, in fact, a few days ago, when I sat down to sort through the labyrinth of legalese and advice that would – hopefully – make the online part of my business satisfactory to the European Union by clearly declaring what I’ve done since the beginning: treat the information of my website visitors and newsletter subscribers with the utmost care.

I sent the first “stick around by clicking this link” email.


NOT ONE of my loyal and engaged subscribers clicked the link indicating that they still wanted to hang out with me.

Middle school flashbacks, anyone?

Last night, second email.

Twenty-four positive responses.

My reaction?


Genuine appreciation, of the I did not see that coming sort, for every single one of the 24 who said, “yep, Florence, I like your stuff. Keep it coming.”

Not because I approached the list-checking as an intentional gratitude practice.

Because I’ve made gratitude an intentional practice at least as long as I’ve had a list.

You don’t need me to tell you that the world’s a mess, in countless, terrifying, overwhelming, will-we-ever-recover-from-this-madness ways.

You just might need a reminder, though, that we need to tend to our own well-being to have a hope of creating the positive change we want to see in the world.

Here’s that reminder.

You can’t help the world with an empty tank.

If gratitude is one of your paths to well-being, practice it.

If you have no clue how to build the resiliency you need to flourish, figure it out. There are innumerable resources out there, including a boatload of fantastic coaches. (I like to think I’m one of them.)

My list represents connections. Do I want those connections to grow?


What I really want, though, is to live in a world where more of us, more often than not, have the clarity, confidence, and courage to face our individual and collective challenges so we can make the world we share better.

Let’s hop to it.

Or, as autocorrect wanted it to say, “let’s hope to it.”


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image: unsplash, used with permission

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