What happened to January? Or the beginning of February, for that matter.

Can it possibly be only five weeks since I was brimming with all of those resolutions, er, intentions, for the New Year?

Dotted with “2-hour delay” and “snow day,” my calendar doesn’t look like I accomplished much in the last five weeks, in spite of working through all of those snow days.

Maybe the nice tech guy who helped me set up my web address was clairvoyant, since our conversation went like this:

“OK, let’s review your order for SlowMotionCoaching.”

“Wa-wa-wa-wait. What? How are you spelling that?” I felt the blood draining from my face.

“S as in slacker . . . . L as in lazy . . . . “ (OK, so he didn’t say exactly that, but wouldn’t it have been pretty funny if he had?)

“No, no, no,” I interrupted, “it’s F as in Frank. . . .”

“Ooohhhhh, that makes a quite difference, doesn’t it?”

I give him credit for remaining professional and apologetic even as I was hyperventilating with laughter.

Too soon, posting daily became posting when the spirit moved me. My web site is still pretty bare, while my spare room still looks like a potential set for “Hoarders.” It’s in much better shape than this time last month, though, and so am I, in lots of ways that don’t show up on the calendar.

In fact, I’m embracing S-L-O-W motion, content to continue the deep work that will allow those New Years intentions to become reality.

It’s not like it’s no motion.

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