Better than Cable

I’m among 150,000 people currently watching “eagle cam” online.  I’ve been hooked on the live video stream from an eagle’s nest in Decorah, Iowa, since I learned about it on Saturday.

I usually watch it while working in another screen or even on another computer.  Sometimes, though, the action is so compelling, I stop everything and click the full-screen icon, instantly becoming transfixed by the raptor reality show.

When I first checked in this evening, Mom had just moved so that #1 and #2 were in full view on either side of #3’s cracked shell.  I postponed dinner until Mom moved to snuggle atop her hatchlings, just as Dad swooped in, dropped off their dinner – I can almost hear Mom saying, “fish, again?” – and flew away.

The web cam from the Raptor Resource Project has been featured online and in national print and broadcast media.  Facebook friends from different parts of my off-line life have posted about it.  I’ve never watched with fewer than 125,000 others.

Despite having close to a hundred cable channels and lots of real-life responsibilities, something about this little family seems to resonate with an awful lot of us.

Something Real and True

As I told a friend about eagle cam this afternoon, we both remembered something she said to me last week about looking forward to going to the beach for the weekend.

“I desperately need to connect with something real and true,” she said.

For each of us, being outdoors, near the ocean, always fulfills that need.

We agreed that eagle cam serves a similar purpose.

Watching this little eagle family reminds me that there’s more out there than the falsehoods that seem to pervade the world we humans have created, even as it helps me to connect with what’s real and true, not only in nature, but within myself.

It does present a dilemma, though.

Do I follow my custom of going outside for a few minutes before bed to check out the night sky, or do I stick around online to see whether I’ll get a glimpse of #3 out of its shell?

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