It’s the start of the first full work week of the new year, the time when, ready or not, here we go. Time to start putting those intentions, strategies, and plans for the new year into action.

When we look back on 2020, surely we’ll each celebrate success in some areas, while in others, maybe not so much.

I’m good with that. And I want more. I want more than basking in the glow of success and reflecting on how I learned and grew and moved on after what initially felt like failure.

I want serendipity, to grow my “aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.”

I encourage you to consider amping up your desirable-discovery-by-accident aptitude as well.

The whole serendipity thing came to me quite by accident -serendipitously, ha! – when I headed out to tromp through the woods last weekend with these intentions:

My results? (1) 15K steps: success; (2) sugar maple: failure; (3) workshop clarity: respectable progress.

Serendipity? Heck to the yeah, in a big way. I SAW BEES!!!

bee on witch hazel

In late December, in the northeastern U.S., buzzing around as they scarfed down nectar from the witch hazels.

Serendipitously spying those bees was such a delight that any disappointment around the failed maple tree quest vanished, replaced instantly by sheer curiosity, delight, and joy.

Curiosity, delight, joy. You know you want some of that, too, right?

Here are the steps I took toward such delight.

Give them a whirl when you set out to put your intentions into action.

  1. Set an intention, goal, desire (or two or three).
  2. Take an actual step (or two or three) toward them in the real world. (As opposed letting intention stay stuck in your head as something you’ll “get around to some day.”)
  3. Notice what feels like success. Celebrate it. Notice how it makes you feel, physically and emotionally. Savor those feelings.
  4. Notice if anything feels like not-success. Feel into what you might be able to learn from it, where else it might lead you, or, if you’re sure you’re supposed to keep moving toward that thing, one different way to get there.
  5. Stay open to unexpected stuff that’s even better, to making desirable discoveries by accident, to serendipity. When it happens, BOOM, laugh, smile, post videos on Insta with you laughing and smiling in the background, write a blog post about it, let its memory fuel you when you’re stuck in traffic, savor the heck out of it. Rinse, repeat.

I hiked in the same woods again this weekend. Made more progress on the workshop. Didn’t see any bees. But (wait for it) literally moments after the memory of the bees popped into my head, I looked up and there, in the perfect spot, (you know what’s coming, right?) stood a beautiful sugar maple.

Here’s to more serendipity this new year and always.


image: diapicard via Pixabay; used with permission

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