It’s funny how we tend to repeat the same patterns even after the circumstance that led to the pattern in the first place has ended.

When I was teaching full-time, the first weekend of summer looked something like this:

Not laziness. Sheer exhaustion. To the depth of my being.

In those two days, I got the reboot I needed to transition to the summer season, which was busy, too, but in a different way.

I’d forgotten about those reboot weekends, but I did so much teaching this spring, my tired body definitely remembered. Two weekends ago, it demanded rest.

I barely made it off the sofa. I don’t have a porch any more, but I did make it to the front step to watch lightning bugs and later, the stars. A friend even loaned me a bunch of books, and lo and behold, Lisa’s latest was in the pile.

I didn’t realize until Monday that my weekend reboot happened over the first weekend of summer vacation in the district where I used to teach, and just like back then, my summer is taking on a busy, but different, rhythm.

I’m delighted to be spending so much time working in my business.

Re-thinking every offer, rediscovering what’s important for clients – and for me – right now, looking at foundations as well as big wild and wonderful goals.

I’m excited about what’s emerging and can’t wait to begin sharing it with you.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you a summer of rest, renewal and time to watch the moon rise and to sit on a front step watching the fireflies until it’s dark enough to see the stars.

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image: Pixabay; used with permission
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