Catalysts, Seasons and Positive Change

Last time, I wrote about how the weeks between mid-August and early September feel a bit like New Years, no matter how long since your last back-to-school shopping excursion. This time, I’m going to show you how the change of seasons – especially from summer to fall – can become a catalyst that leads you […]

Positive Change: Change is Coming

Happy New Year It’s three weeks until Labor Day in the U.S., which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start getting ready for New Years. Not the Auld Lang Syne and fireworks and champagne toasts at midnight kind. I’m talking about the New Years that begins around the first of September. Maybe it […]

Feeling Stuck? Know What You Want to Bring Along to Get Moving

Sometimes getting clear about what you absolutely want to keep can help you let go of the things you need to release that will help you move forward. Imagine a burned-out teacher. He knows it’s time to retire, but the thought of filling out the paperwork to make it real leaves feeling overwhelmed. Once he […]

Burnout by Any Other Name

I’ve been thinking a lot about rest lately. I suspect it’s because I stopped thinking about it long enough to finally get some. On the cusp of a big transition about a year ago, I blocked out time for some R & R before diving headlong in to my next big thing. I figured it […]