Tag Lines, Principles and Leadership

Did you ever sort of know something but didn’t realize exactly what until it became so clear that you couldn’t ever not know it again? I love when that happens. One of my great joys in life is singing with a symphonic chorus known for both performing the masterworks and commissioning composers who are still very much alive […]

Applying Your Strengths Can Make Work Feel Like a Day at the Beach

It sounded like such a great idea back when spring was still weeks away. Lead a nature class on the beach? Cool. A perfect kickstart to the summer season. For a hundred or so sixth graders? Awesome. Teaching + the beach = two of my favorite things. I even adore middle school kids. Seriously. As the class […]

Don’t Let Your Blindspots Get in the Way of Your Vision

It’s no secret that I’m besotted by my pet rabbit Elphaba. I love how, when I go “kiss, kiss, kiss bunny” three times like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, she jumps up from a sound sleep and jets upstairs to the office. I adore her binkies and her speed and agility when runs laps around the […]