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Did you ever sort of know something but didn’t realize exactly what until it became so clear that you couldn’t ever not know it again? I love when that happens. One of my great joys in life is singing with a symphonic chorus known for both performing the masterworks and commissioning composers who are still very much alive […]

Don’t Let Your Blindspots Get in the Way of Your Vision

It’s no secret that I’m besotted by my pet rabbit Elphaba. I love how, when I go “kiss, kiss, kiss bunny” three times like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, she jumps up from a sound sleep and jets upstairs to the office. I adore her binkies and her speed and agility when runs laps around the […]

Strengths at Work

strengths at work kettle bells

Whenever I lead a workshop or coach a client around applying their values and strengths at work, I know it’s going well when I start to sense a little discomfort. Doubt. Skepticism. Love? I can’t use that in my job. OK, I get teamwork, but zest, kindness, forgiveness? At work? Spirituality? They pay me to […]

The Simple Path to Strengths-Based Well-Being: Do a Kindness

I was lost in the weekly after church dilemma – oatmeal raisin or white chocolate cranberry – when he sidled up beside me, linked his arm in mine and got so close, well, let’s just say we have different ideas about personal space. “Did you hear about the little girl who sang for the Pope […]