Applying Your Strengths Can Make Work Feel Like a Day at the Beach

It sounded like such a great idea back when spring was still weeks away. Lead a nature class on the beach? Cool. A perfect kickstart to the summer season. For a hundred or so sixth graders? Awesome. Teaching + the beach = two of my favorite things. I even adore middle school kids. Seriously. As the class […]

Strengths at Work

strengths at work kettle bells

Whenever I lead a workshop or coach a client around applying their values and strengths at work, I know it’s going well when I start to sense a little discomfort. Doubt. Skepticism. Love? I can’t use that in my job. OK, I get teamwork, but zest, kindness, forgiveness? At work? Spirituality? They pay me to […]

What are You Working For?

what are we fighting for

Clicking share on social media helped me figure out what I’m working for. Since you have to work, too, or at least do something with your time, here’s how to figure out what you’re working for, too. What’s Worth Fighting For? I wanted to believe that Winston Churchill asked, “then what are we fighting for,” […]

Values & Well-Being with a Slice of Americana

Three generations, decked out in red, white and blue, lawn chairs at the curb in the same spot since the flag only had 48 stars. The parade’s been the same since the grandparents were newlyweds, the parents were toddlers and the kids scrambling for candy tossed from the floats weren’t yet a twinkle in anyone’s […]