I just made a decision.

I said “no” to doing something I love that would have helped someone whom I respect.

Without hemming or hawing.

Without agonizing over pros and cons or what if’s. 

Without making excuses and without feeling guilty.

Within seconds, I responded to a request with a clear “no.”

This is HUGE for me.

Not so long ago, it would have felt impossible.

If it feels that way to you, I so get it.

In the not so distant past, I would have weighed options. I would have felt guilty not being able to “help out,” even when I knew I’d be resentful and wouldn’t show up as my best self. I would have waited until the last minute to respond, unwilling to own the decision that I knew with every fiber of my being was the right one. I would have wasted time and energy thinking about what I “should” do, when I knew darn well what the best response was. I would have wasted the other person’s time by not giving them a clear and timely answer.

I didn’t used to only stress over saying “no.” It was often even harder for me to get to a clear “yes.” 

No more.

How did I get here?

I got clear.

Clear about my values, strengths and priorities.

About what fuels me and what depletes me.

About the value of my time and energy and the ways and circumstances in which I’m best able to be of service.

Clear about the power and the kindness of honoring my boundaries and owning my decisions.

With that kind of clarity, wise decisions become practically inevitable.

Still sound impossible to you?

I can help.

I can help you cultivate the clarity you need to make wise decisions that lead to more success – with a lot more ease and joy.

In the meantime, here’s how you can get started.

Find an opportunity to offer a small, firm, clear “no” today. Then find a chance to offer a small, clear, joyful “yes.” To another person. Or two yourself. 

Then do it.

Make the decision. Own it. Feel the lightness of not spinning over it anymore.

Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

image: Pixabay; used with permission

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