There’s Always Another Way

If you’re feeling stuck and out of options, I believe there’s always another way.

Always. Pretty bold, huh? No, I don’t have the peer reviewed academic studies to support my claim, but in my experience, there’s always another way – usually several – a lot more often than we think.

And the likelihood of missing those other ways goes up exponentially when we try to figure out everything by ourselves, take only the same point of view, and try to get un-stuck with the same tools that got us stuck in the first place.

So, yeah, I’m sticking with there’s always another way.

Support, Viewpoint, Tools

You can find those other ways more easily and more consistently when you get support, shift your view, and use new tools to get where you want to go.

Here’s an example of wayfinding another way from my seasonal, part time side hustle.

As kids spilled off the bus and circled up for their field trip, the instructors noticed a student using a wheelchair and immediately began to figure out how he could fully participate in the program – including the part outside the property fence, through the gate with the heavy bar that people need to step over to get onto the trail.

One instructor made a quick call to the facilities manager, hoping his staff could lift the student over the obstacle.

“Don’t have to. We can just unlock the vehicle gate. I’ll get the key.”

Four experienced instructors had never consciously noticed the bigger, accessible, gate that’s literally right next to the gate they used dozens of times.

In our fast-paced, distracting, goal-focused world, who could blame them?

Which of us hasn’t missed another path, another means of achieving a goal, that was right in front of us?

I know I have.

And I haven’t always been wise enough to get support, shift my view, and use new tools to achieve my goals.

Here’s how to learn from my shortcomings.

Find the Impossible

Where are you seeing a gate that seems impossible to enter?

  • A job that used to light you up but now sparks the Sunday Night Blues instead.
  • Communication blocks and team dysfunction at work that leave you exhausted.
  • A yearning for more meaning and purpose that you never seem to figure out how to fulfill.

Make It Possible

Start by taking a bit of focused, interruption-free time to consider these questions:

  • Where can you get support to navigate the obstacle?
  • How can you shift your view in a way that can make different solutions visible?
  • What new tools can you use to change course and navigate more easily and effectively toward what you seek?

No matter how stuck you feel or how tantalizingly close you are to your destination, I know for sure that with the right support, point of view, and tools, you will discover that there always is another way.

Need help finding another way in your work life or life’s work? I can help. Book a complimentary consult and let’s talk about how.

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