Scottsdale mountainsLike so many others, I learned of the shootings in Tuscon yesterday through social media and internet news sites.

So many emotions, swarming so quickly.  Horror.  Shock.  Anger.  Sadness for the victims and their families.  For the bystanders.  For all of us.

I turned on the television, and seeing those beautiful Arizona mountains frame the scenes of the shopping center, my sadness grew even more profound.

Arizona is one of my magical places, and those mountains are my icons for that magic.

When I first visited there last spring, by coincidence the weekend of the immigration protests in Phoenix, I encountered only beauty and love.  Returning last fall, I connected even more with the wonder of that place and its people.  People for whom my heart is now breaking.

I know nothing of his politics, his integrity, or his fitness as an Arizona State Representative, but the words of Steve Farley on CNN last night touched me and gave me hope.

“This is not how Arizona is.”

I started scribbling as quickly as I could while he continued to speak.

“You can’t stop love with a bullet.  You can’t stop hope with a bullet.”

He spoke faster, so some of this is paraphrased, but I think I captured the intention of his words.

Can we come together as a state?  Can we come together as a country?  Can we put this rhetoric behind us?  This is a country that rises above the politics.

And later, “We are not like this as a people, here in Arizona or in the rest of the country.”

Oh, that we live up to those words and make them ring true.

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  1. Thank you for this! The sherriff also was very clear and spoke the truth, I am paraphrasing, saying that some of the current political rhetoric is so extreme as to incit violence and must be stopped. thank you for sharing the clear voice of compassion.

    1. Thanks, Hatt. I was a little leery of going political – not my intention for this site – but I really felt I needed to write something . I’m glad it resonated with you. That Sherrif sure gets the idea of being TAO, doesn’t he?

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