Tossing Out Socks and Lies

white sock in the grassI threw out an orphaned sock today.  Together with its recently rediscovered mate.

I found one sock on top of the dryer, behind the iron, so it could have been there for years without my realizing it. It turned up about a month ago when I wiped the cobwebs from the iron to put a patch on a pair of pants.

If the duct tape hadn’t gone missing, that sock still would be.

I moved it to the utility sink, but I didn’t throw it away because I was positive that the mate would turn up. Eventually.

Last weekend, I reached into the back of a bureau drawer and, lo and behold, found Sock #2.

I knew it had been somewhere in my house all along, and finding led me to justify keeping Sock #1 for so long. And to feel just a little smug when I put both of them on this morning.

Big mistake.

Those socks, together, separately, whatever, should have been trashed months ago.

So after spending the day with them wrapped around my ankles and slipping down into my shoes, I tossed both socks into the trash the moment I got home.

And in that moment, I realized the those socks were a lot like a whole passel of limiting beliefs, false thoughts, lies I’d been telling myself, about myself, for at least as long as Sock #1 hid out behind the iron.

Some thoughts were hidden in corners, covered in dust and cobwebs. Others were tucked neatly away, ready to be whipped out again in a moment of fear or stress or worry.

I could never.

I shouldn’t.

I’m not good enough to.

I don’t deserve to.

But I’ve learned how to kick those limiting beliefs, those lies, to the curb, just like I tossed those socks in the trash. Without feeling like I have to wear them one last time.

And I can help you turn around the thoughts that no longer serve you so that you can create a life of meaning and joy. I’d love for  you to email me so we can talk about how.

When it comes to rescuing your orphaned socks, though, you’re on your own.

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